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What can I do to replace my missing tooth?

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If you are missing a tooth or must have a tooth removed, there are several options for replacing it. We generally recommend replacing a missing tooth for a few reasons. Firstly, you begin losing chewing power when you are missing teeth. All the teeth function together to tear and chew food. With one or several teeth missing, you have now lost a big surface area to chew with. The other teeth must work harder to begin to process the same amount of food.

Another reason to replace a missing tooth is that your other teeth can shift into the space once a tooth is missing, causing changes in your bite and ...

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3 Ways Digital Dentistry Improves Your Dental Experience

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Over the years modern dentistry has made great strides in improving patient's experience at the dental office. If you've ever had an unfortunate incident at the dentist, or if you've been avoiding your Charlotte dentist, read on to learn how digital dentistry improves procedures at the dental office.

Digital Impressions

Maybe you've had a crown to repair your tooth in the past? Your dentist probably used soft and goopy impression material that had to sit in your mouth and harden to make an impression of your teeth, which could result in a lot of discomfort. 

Digital impressions have streamlined this process, and now your dentist can scan a 3-D image of ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Change Your Smile, Change Your Life

Cosmetic Dentistry SouthPark NC

At first glance, reading the title of this blog might sound a bit dramatic. Sure, cosmetic dentistry can change your smile, but can it actually change your life? But the fact is, it can!

When you have a beautiful smile, you naturally show it off more. This not only changes your own mood, but it can change the moods of those around you. It can also boost your self-confidence, which can improve both your social life as well as your professional life. In addition, having straight, white teeth can actually mean you enjoy better oral health as well.

Give Dr. Heather Gentry at Gentry Dental a call to find out ...

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What can new patients at Gentry Dental expect?

Dr. Heather Gentry and her team | Charlotte NC

Welcome to our Charlotte, NC dental practice! You will find that we make the process of your first visit with us as easy as possible.

Scheduling An Appointment

Most of what we need to get you started can be sent electronically to us to save you time at your first appointment and to save the trees! We are paperless and utilize all the latest technology to be as environmentally and health friendly as possible. 

You can select any day and time for your new patient appointment using our online booking system.  If for some reason you don’t see an appointment time that works for you (computers are unfortunately not always entirely ...

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Tooth Replacement Options: Bridges vs. Implants

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If you are faced with a compromised or failing tooth, it's important to weigh your options. If your tooth is already missing, you know how challenging a regular activity such as eating can be when you can't chew properly. It may also feel embarrassing interacting with others when you don't feel confident about your smile.

It's important to discuss replacing your tooth with your dentist in Charlotte as soon as you can because your missing tooth is also impacting your oral health. For example, without a root for support, your jawbone stops regenerating bone and begins to deteriorate. This can eliminate support for surrounding teeth. Without a replacement tooth, your surrounding ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Bridges

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When choosing the best option to replace your missing tooth, it’s a great idea to gather all of the facts. Dental bridges are one of the most popular choices to restore the appearance and function of your teeth. When considering a dental bridge at our Southpark, NC dental office, here are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Advantages of a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges have a number of advantages, especially when the alternative is having a gap in your smile.

Added self-confidence — Filling the gap in your smile with a beautiful, natural-looking tooth can give you your self-confidence again. Dr. Gentry carefully matches your dental bridge to the color ...

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My Dental Crown Came Loose. What Should I Do?

Patient With A Dental Problem | Charlotte NC

Your monthly luncheon out with friends quickly took a turn for the worse when you bit into your sandwich and felt movement from your dental crown. While it's still hanging on, it has come loose, and you're not sure what to do next!

Contact Your Dentist

While a loose crown may not require immediate attention from your dentist, it will need to be addressed to protect your tooth from an infection. Sometimes a loose crown can cause sensitivity or discomfort, which is indicating that you should get to your dentist sooner rather than later.

Whatever the case may be, contact your dentist right away so your situation can be assessed over ...

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