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  • "Dr. Gentry is the only dentist I will ever go to, in fact I took my time and found her when she had relocated. If you are afraid of going to a dentist because of the fear of pain, then Dr. Gentry is the dentist for you. Painless injections. It's amazing. She is very personable and so is her staff. Dr. Gentry is the only dentist you will ever go to after your first visit. "
    Janis J.
  • "Dr. Gentry has been My Dentist for the majority of the last ten years since I relocated to the Charlotte area. She is the best Dentist I have had. The care given by her and her very professional staff is designed to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking dental care."
    Pat M.
  • "As you walk in and are happily greeted by reception the first thing you notice is the care that has been taken to create a relaxing and comfortable environment while you wait, albeit a short wait. Perhaps most importantly your cleaning is done with the gentlest touch as every care is taken to avoid discomfort. Dr. Gentry is every bit an educator as she is a highly skilled dentist. While being seen she thoroughly explained, in easily understood terms, what was going on behind my lips and how to best continue good oral hygiene practices. Gentry Dental sets the bar high."
    Matthew M.
  • What an enjoyable experience it is to go to Dr. Heather Gentry for all of my dental needs! Dr. Gentry provided me with excellent guidance during my consultation and did a great job enhancing the look of my teeth. She is thorough, timely, professional, and knowledgeable. And not only is Dr. Gentry an excellent Dentist, she surrounds herself with a wonderful and competent staff! Everyone works together to ensure the best care of her patients. AND IT’S FUN IN HER OFFICE —They play the BEST music!! Thank you, Dr. Gentry, for making a trip to the dentist a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Dr. Gentry for all of your Dental needs!
    Martha A.
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Seeking a Permanent Tooth Replacement? Talk to Us about Dental Implants!

If you lost a tooth or have just gotten tired of looking at that gap between your teeth, many options exist to help you complete your smile again. Modern treatments gaining in popularity are dental implants, which we offer in our Charlotte, NC dental office.Scientists are currently working on technology to re-grow teeth. Until then, dental implants are the closest you can come to having your natural tooth back again. Dental implants replace the root and crown of the tooth while other options, such as bridges and dentures, just replace the appearance of the tooth.Dental Implants Are StableYour dental implant becomes part of your jawbone over the course of a ...

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Is Our In-Office Dental Savings Plan Right For You?

Dental Wellness Plan | Dentist Charlotte NC
Would it surprise you to learn that 35-45% of adults in America do not go to the dentist regularly? It sure surprised me and I wondered why that was! Data from studies show that one of the reasons people avoid the dentist is fear or anxiety regarding dental work, but the other major factor was cost. Some estimates say that nearly 70 million Americans have no dental insurance. Many employers are not offering dental coverage or are choosing plans that offer less benefits and have more out-of-pocket costs.Alternative Options to Dental InsuranceAn alternative, which is growing in popularity is a dental savings or membership plan. A membership plan is different ...

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3 Common Reasons Why People Choose to Whiten Their Teeth

If you are thinking about teeth whitening, you might have noticed all the products lining the supermarket shelves and the checkout desk at local spas and salons. Professional teeth whitening with your Charlotte, NC dentist will likely give you more uniform and brilliant results than over-the-counter options.Why Choose Teeth WhiteningTypically, when people decide to whiten their teeth, it is because of a few common reasons.You noticed your teeth look dark or yellow.If you have reached a certain age and your smile just doesn’t look youthful anymore because of dark or yellow stains, it can feel frustrating, especially if you don’t smoke or use tobacco products. Stained teeth are a normal ...

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What These Dental Terms You Might've Heard Actually Mean

Patient Thinking | Barclay Downs NC Dentist
In order to make the most of your time with your dentist at your next routine checkup, you may need to have a better understanding of common dental terminology. Your dentist in Charlotte has compiled a helpful list of terms that we might use and their definitions so you can communicate effectively with your dental team.Composites: Also known as tooth colored fillings, composite resin is the material of choice used for dental fillings. Composite is bonded directly to the tooth and is used to fill the open space left by tooth decay and cavities.Periodontal Disease: Also called gum disease, periodontal disease is an infection of your gums and jawbone. If ...

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5 Reasons Why Invisible Braces Are So Popular

Invisalign Tray | Invisalign Charlotte, NC
Your smile is an important tool! It helps you make a first impression and create personal and professional relationships. If you're not satisfied with the appearance of your smile, you may try to hide it, which can affect those relationships and even your success in your career.If your teeth are crooked or overlap there are options for invisible braces that could be a great solution for you. Here's why invisible braces in Charlotte, NC are becoming so popular and why adults are turning to them for a straighter, more beautiful smile.1. They're Hardly NoticeableBoth Invisalign and Six Month Smile are different options that offer patients the utmost discretion when aligning ...

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Why Oral Cancer Has Become a Crisis in Men

Latest News | Oral Cancer in Men
Though we don't hear as much about it, oral cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer; did you know that it is responsible for one death every 24 hours in America? The reason for these dismal statistics is not because oral cancer is difficult to diagnose, but rather because it is often not discovered until its later stages, which makes the prognosis less positive.A recent study out of the University of Florida, Baylor College of Medicine is finding that oral cancer is quickly becoming an epidemic among middle-aged men due to the HPV (human papillomavirus) virus. HPV contributes to certain kinds of head and neck (oropharyngeal) cancers ...

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3 Reasons Why Adult Orthodontics Might Be Right for You

Invisalign Trays | Gentry Dental
If you've lived with crooked teeth because you thought braces were for children, it's time you learned about some other orthodontic options available for adults! There are great choices such as Invisalign that can straighten your teeth without the use of brackets and wires, and instead utilizing clear plastic aligners that offer discretion and efficiency. Here are 3 reasons why invisible braces in Charlotte, NC might be right for you!A Boost to Your ConfidenceEven if it's subconscious, you probably tend to hide your teeth if you're not satisfied with their appearance. When you're embarrassed about your smile, it's always on your mind, and it takes a toll on your confidence. Aligning ...

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