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Chipped and Broken Tooth Repair in Charlotte, NC

February 12, 2020
Posted By: Gentry Dental
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Anytime you injure a tooth, you should call our Charlotte, NC emergency dentist to let us know what’s going on. In most cases, a broken or chipped tooth isn’t a critical dental emergency but still requires treatment as soon as possible.

Why We Need to Fix Broken Teeth

It’s important to have Dr. Gentry repair chipped or broken teeth at our Charlotte dental office. Comfort is an issue because a broken or chipped tooth can have sharp edges that can cut into your cheeks or tongue. 

Leaving a broken tooth exposed for too long also puts it at risk for further breakage or fracturing. Bacteria can also enter the tooth and lead to an infection that could require a root canal to treat. 

Options to Repair Chipped and Broken Tooth 

If you have a broken or chipped tooth, we may recommend any of the following procedures at our Charlotte, NC dental office:

  • Dental bonding – This process uses tooth-colored filling material to build up the broken or chipped part of a tooth. Since the material looks so realistic, we can create a seamless repair.
  • Porcelain veneer – In some cases, a dental veneer placed on a tooth to conceal damage might be the best choice, depending on the location of the tooth and the extent of breakage involved. 
  • Porcelain dental crown – If too much structure of the tooth is damaged for us to repair with bonding, Dr. Gentry will recommend a porcelain dental crown. Since a dental crown or “cap” surrounds the entire tooth, it protects it from chewing forces. 

Schedule an Appointment at Our Charlotte Office

Dr. Gentry customizes beautiful dental restorations like those listed above to repair a broken or chipped tooth for our Charlotte, NC patients.

Please call Gentry Dental and explain your situation so we can get you on our schedule and provide the treatment you need as soon as possible.

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