Emergency Dental Services in Barclay Downs, NC

Emergency Services | Barclay DownsIf there’s one thing you can count on when a dental emergency happens, it’s that it definitely won’t be convenient!

It may also feel frightening and overwhelming. The first thing to do is remain calm, and the next thing to do is contact Gentry Dental right away.

We understand how stressful emergency situations can be and how important it is to be seen promptly. For this reason, we make every effort to accommodate our patients the same day.

When you know how to handle dental emergencies, they may not seem as overwhelming. Here are a few tips on what to do for the most common dental problems.

What Should I Do When I Break or Dislodge My Tooth?

If your tooth has been severely chipped or broken, please gather as many pieces as you can and get to our office as soon as possible. For a tooth that’s been dislodged or knocked out, time is also of the essence, as you’ll have the best chance of preserving your tooth within 1 to 2 hours after the injury occurs.

Try to transport your tooth as carefully as you can. Replacing it back in its socket is best, if possible. Otherwise, carrying it in a cup of milk works as well and helps to keep the live cells alive. Be sure to contact us immediately for care.

Soft Tissue Injuries To Face or Gums

For injuries to your gums, teeth, or lips, the first thing to do is stop the bleeding. Applying gentle pressure with a cold compress can do this.

If available, warm salt-water rinses are also soothing for soft tissue injuries. Once the bleeding is contained, contact our office for further instruction.

Abscessed or Infected Tooth

When a tooth has been injured or fractured, an abscess or infection can occur. Dental infection typically causes severe and constant pain and may start off with sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages. It’s important to note that dental infections won’t go away on their own; in fact, they actually get worse over time, putting you at an increased risk of tooth loss and the infection spreading to other areas of your body.

This is another situation where acting quickly is critical. Root canal therapy may be able to preserve your tooth if you contact us right away; however, if an infection is allowed to destroy too much of your root, the only alternative is to extract your tooth.Dental Equipment | Barclay Downs, NC

Dr. Gentry will clean out infected nerve tissue from the roots of your tooth by creating a small access to the nerve. She’ll then seal your tooth with a temporary filling and allow it time to heal. After the appropriate healing time, she’ll restore your tooth with a permanent filling or dental crown, which strengthens your tooth after root canal therapy.

If you’re experiencing dental pain or an emergency situation, we encourage you to contact us right away. Remember, the quicker you come in, the quicker we can get you diagnosed, treated, and back on the path to wellness again!