Worn Teeth

Similar to a smile makeover, Dr. Gentry is also skilled in Full Mouth Reconstructions. This is most often needed when a person has broken-down or worn teeth, usually caused by clenching, grinding, and/or acid reflux causing destruction of the enamel of the teeth. Despite it being extremely common, most people aren’t aware that teeth should not wear away over time. There is something wrong, and Dr. Gentry can pinpoint what that is.

As your teeth are damaged over time, you may notice tooth sensitivity, chipped or cracked teeth, jaw pain, and over-closing of your bite. Your teeth may feel like they don’t fit together correctly anymore or you are breaking fillings and crowns in your mouth.

Dr. Gentry is a Clinical Mastery Series graduate, where she was trained to diagnose and treat advanced wear cases. Only a handful of dentists in the nation are trained to recognize signs of advanced tooth wear and carefully plan how to restore your smile with function and esthetics in mind. Her goal is the restore your beautiful smile while eliminating pain and further destruction.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gentry if you are concerned with wear on your teeth!