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Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

July 21, 2022
Posted By: Gentry Dental
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A holistic or biological approach to dental care means your Charlotte dentist focuses on more than your teeth and gums. With holistic dental care, it’s about how your oral health relates to your overall wellness. It considers the whole as opposed to the part.  

Holistic dental care is also more customized to meet your specific needs. And it offers the same treatments you’d expect to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, only with benefits to your health and future outlook.

Let’s explore the benefits of biological or holistic dentistry in Charlotte, NC.

#1 Concentrating on Oral Health in Relation to Body Wellness

A dental professional who listens and addresses your unique needs may be a holistic-based dentist. The biological approach includes counseling, supplement recommendations, and tips for you on best practices. It’s all about addressing your unique needs and concerns and planning treatment accordingly.

#2 More Natural or Biocompatible Materials

Part of our approach to holistic dentistry includes implementing materials that are BPA, nickel, and mercury-free; with holistic dentistry, the more natural, the better!

#3 Wellness-Friendly Technologies

In our dental office, we offer:

  • Mercury and nickel-free restorations, prosthetics, and fillings
  • Porcelain restorations and prosthetics
  • Safe removal of old mercury amalgam fillings and placement of our tooth-colored options
  • Aerosol reducers to filter and remove toxic aerosols from the treatment area
  • Ozone therapy to stop cavities, improve periodontal disease, manage sinus and TMJ issues, and improve root canal treatment
  • Biocompatibility testing to help ensure a specific material is suitable for your unique body chemistry

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