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How do I know if I'm having a dental emergency?

Dental Emergency | Charlotte, NC DentistDental emergencies can sometimes feel scary or overwhelming, and other times you may not even realize you are in the midst of one. A good rule of thumb, when in doubt, is to always contact your dentist. Let Dr. Gentry determine if you need immediate attention, and if you don't, we can often give you helpful tips for managing your situation over the phone.

Here are some common dental emergencies and what you should do:

  • A tooth knocked out: Contact your dentist immediately. You will need to be seen right away for the best chance of saving your tooth.
  • Dental pain: A constant or severe toothache is often indicating an infection and needs immediate attention.
  • A broken or lost restoration: Contact our office to assess your situation.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Contact our office for further instruction.
  • A broken or chipped tooth: A broken tooth will likely need attention right away. Give your dentist a call. You can likely schedule an appointment to manage a chipped tooth.

Contact Our Charlotte Clinic for Emergency Dental Care

Remember, if you need emergency dentistry in Charlotte, NC, you can always feel free to contact us and we will help get you treated and out of pain. If you are unsure about your condition, feel free to call our office and we can make a plan over the phone.  

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