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Can grinding teeth be cured?

Bruxism in Charlotte may be curable in certain circumstances. Bruxism is the correct term for teeth grinding.

Whether teeth grinding can be cured depends on the underlying reason you’re doing it. For example, if it is stress-related, it may diminish following therapy or with certain medications. If it is aggravated by caffeine, it may lessen if you curb your intake.

Unfortunately, the reasons you’re grinding and clenching your teeth may not be obvious. In this case, appliance therapy with a nightguard may be the solution.

Bruxism Treatment in Charlotte, NC

To assess you for bruxism, we schedule a consultation with the dentist. At this visit, your dentist examines your teeth for the telltale signs of bruxism. If you’ve had the habit for a while, your teeth will appear worn. It can also affect your TMJ—the joints that connect your lower jaw.

For your part, you may notice head, neck, and shoulder pain.

If your dentist discovers bruxism, we can usually take impressions and fit you with a comfortable nightguard. This appliance prevents nighttime grinding and clenching.

Treat Bruxism in Charlotte, NC

If you have signs of bruxism and want to schedule an assessment with the dentist, give us a call today. Our goal is to help you enjoy restful sleep without damaging your smile.

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