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Will my treatment hurt?

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Although a lot of people are worried that their dental treatment will hurt, they should know that dentistry is often quicker and less invasive—and not as painful—than it has ever been because of advanced technology 

Advanced Dental Technology at Gentry Dental

We use the following technology in our Charlotte, NC dental practice to help ensure a comfortable experience:

  • The Vibraject or the STA wand system provides Dr. Gentry better control over the delivery of dental anesthetics, which eliminates the burning sensation you may have experienced in the past when using a local anesthetic for treatment targeting one tooth or one area of the mouth.
  • Digital impressions mean an end to the goopy, messy molds we used to take. Digital impressions are also more accurate.
  • Digital x-rays are quicker and safer for patients.
  • Amenities such as cozy blankets, beverages to drink while you are waiting, and headphones to drown out dental office sounds while listening to your favorite music are also available.

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If you are worried about pain with your treatment, please reach out to us. Often simply having a better understanding of the procedure is enough to help alleviate anxiety about it. Contact our office today either by submitting an email or by calling us to learn more. 

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