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I don't have dental insurance. What are my options at your office?

Family | In-House Dental Plan Charlotte NCMany of our patients don't have dental insurance, or if they do, it has a very small maximum amount per year that is quickly used up. Having dental insurance can be a helpful benefit; however, if you don't happen to have it, there are options available to help you get the dentistry you need affordably. At Gentry Dental, we offer the Dental Savings Plan, which is an in-office dental savings plan in Charlotte, NC designed specifically for patients without dental insurance. 

In-Office Dental Savings Plan

Our plan is like a membership program with an annual fee. The membership includes cleanings, x-rays, and exams with no additional out-of-pocket cost to you. All dental work, such as fillings, crowns, implants, Invisalign, and other services, is offered to members of the Dental Savings Plan at a discount. You also receive the benefit of no waiting periods, no deductibles, and no denials of treatment you need. Additional family members will receive a reduced annual membership fee to help families get the treatment they need.

Regular visits to the dentist are also important for achieving and maintaining optimum oral health. Dr. Gentry is able to detect many dental issues such as oral cancer, gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities when you come in for an examination every six months. This allows Dr. Gentry to treat dental concerns with less complicated or invasive procedures.

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