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Why do I need a crown?

Porcelain Dental Crown | Charlotte, NC Dental Crown

A dental crown is a common restorative dental procedure. It is frequently used to strengthen a tooth that has been damaged or weakened for any number of reasons.

Also referred to as a tooth “cap” because of the way it snugly fits over a prepared tooth, many people get a crown because they have a large filling that has begun to fail. This often occurs in the back molars. When too much of the tooth has been removed because of the large amount of decay and to make room for a filling, when the tooth fractures, a crown is the only way to protect it.

Getting a crown will restore your ability to chew comfortably again because the crown is designed to withstand the force of chewing—even on the powerful back molars.

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At Gentry Dental, we make getting dental crowns in Charlotte, NC easy because we offer CEREC one-day technology. This means your tooth can be prepared, a mold taken, and a crown fabricated all in the same visit. It only takes about 15 minutes for the crown to be made in our milling machine. These high-quality porcelain crowns and strong and durable.

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