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What is composite resin?


Dental Exam | Tooth Colored Fillings Charlotte NCComposite Resin For Restorations

Remember in the past when you used to get a silver filling if your tooth had a cavity? These metal restorations often broke down over time and would have to be replaced. Well, the good news is that the days of having to live with these unsightly metal restorations are gone! At Gentry Dental we offer tooth-colored fillings. 

Composite Resin For Cosmetic Procedures

Because composite resin is such a versatile material, if you have other small cosmetic concerns such as chipping, gaps between your teeth, size discrepancies, or staining on your teeth, the composite can be used to eliminate these issues as well.

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If you have some concerns about the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, talk with Dr. Gentry about the possibilities of dental bonding using composite resin to restore your smile. Contact Gentry Dental today to learn more!

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