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Are tooth colored fillings durable?

dental patient smiling | charlotte ncNow that using metal amalgam for dentistry is becoming a thing of the past, composite resin, which is tooth-colored, is now the material of choice for dental fillings. While we know that this material is much more aesthetic, is it as durable and long-lasting as metal?

The answer is - yes! Composite resin actually provides better durability than metal fillings because it is bonded directly to your teeth.

What sets tooth-colored fillings apart?

Direct bonding protects against the breakdown that happens naturally over time with metal fillings. The metal reacts to temperature changes by contracting and expanding, causing the filling to pull away from your tooth, and allowing bacteria back into it that causes decay and breakdown.

Tooth-colored fillings don't require the removal of as much of your natural tooth as metal fillings do to place them successfully. This means that more of your natural tooth structure is preserved.

Composite doesn't react to temperature and can also be blended, so it matches your tooth, providing the aesthetics you want. A tooth-colored filling naturally complements your smile so no one will notice your dental work.

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