TMJ Therapy

Dr. Gentry has advanced training on TMJ (or jaw joint) disorders and can help with issues such as popping or clicking when you open or close, pain in the joint area, or pain in your chewing muscles. Clicking and popping in your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is very common, but is NOT normal. It is indicative of a dislocated disk in your jaw joint, usually from a previous trauma (car accident, sports injury, being hit in the face, jaw, or chin at an earlier age). What we now know is that clicking can be an early sign of much more destruction to come- to your jaw joint and/or teeth. When your jaw joint isn't working correctly, your bite is likely to undergo changes over the years as deterioration of the joint happens. This can lead to sore teeth, broken teeth, and pain to chewing. At it's most severe form, the joint is completely broken down and surgery may be required to correct it and relieve pain. 

We believe in treating any problems as soon as they are discovered, instead of waiting for pain or dysfunction to occur. If we wait, the treatment will likely be much more time-consuming and expensive.  If you have any type of facial or joint pain, we have many options to help! From an MLS laser specifically made to reduce inflammation and pain with dramatic results, to trigger point injections, to occlusal orthotics (an appliance made to take pressure off of your jaw joint), we are well versed on how to help you. 

Schedule online for a TMJ consult or give us a call and we will find a spot for you!