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Will my treatment hurt?

Fear of Dental Pain | Gentry DentalModern dentistry offers advanced technology that allows us to perform dental treatments virtually pain-free. Dr. Gentry is highly skilled and uses the highest quality dental anesthetics, which produce amazing results and ensure that you’re comfortable and you don't feel a thing throughout your treatment.

Most patients are pleasantly surprised at how comfortable dental treatment can be.

What dental technology do you use? 

Technology such as Vibraject or the STA wand system, allows Dr. Gentry better control over the delivery of dental anesthetics, which eliminates the burning sensation you may have experienced in the past. Your comfort is our top priority at Gentry Dental, and we make every effort to exceed your expectations every time you visit. You’ll also find amenities in our office such as cozy blankets, beverages to enjoy while you’re waiting, and headphones for you to listen to your favorite music during your treatment.

We also use digital impressions at our office to scan images of your teeth and make what used to be a messy, uncomfortable process streamlined and efficient. We know you'll appreciate the differences you experience at Gentry Dental, as we're always adding equipment and other items to our office to make your visit more pleasant and enjoyable.

Contact our office today either by submitting an email or by calling us at (704) 764-1066 to learn more. 

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