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Are you suffering from bruxism?

pain from grinding | charlotte nc dentistDo you wake up frequently with headaches? Have you noticed that your teeth are chipped or have fractures? Do you feel tenderness when you're biting or chewing food? Did you know that all of these symptoms could be related to bruxism? Bruxism is a term for clenching and grinding your teeth, and this can be a difficult condition to diagnose on your own since it typically happens at night while you sleep.

The Long-Term Impact of Grinding 

While you may not realize that you're clenching or grinding your teeth, it can be taking a significant toll on your teeth and mouth. Bruxism can cause a lot of damage to teeth, including premature or excessive wear, that could, in turn, affect your bite. Problems or pain in your jaw joint (TMJ) can also be a result of bruxism. 

Treatment for Bruxism in Charlotte, NC

The good news is that Dr. Gentry offers solutions for bruxism in Charlotte, NC with a custom mouth guard. A mouth guard protects your teeth from the wear and damage that bruxism causes because it's an acrylic appliance that fits over your teeth. It can also help your muscles relax, which can eliminate bruxism and deliver relief from headaches or for your jaw joint. 

If you suspect that bruxism may be a concern for you, contact Gentry Dental today for more information on how Dr. Gentry can help you.

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