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Smile Gallery: Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Heather Gentry knows that dentistry can be truly life-changing and that is what she enjoys most about her work! Whether it be beautiful cosmetic dentistry such as dental veneers or Invisalign, or restorative care such as a natural-looking dental crown, Dr. Gentry can't wait to see you smile following the procedure. 

Take a look at our smile gallery to see some of the treatments that patients just like you have had done at Gentry Dental.

If you live in the Barclay Downs, SouthPark, Beverly Woods, Cotswold, and other surrounding areas, we invite you to join our dental family!

Cracked Front Teeth | Gentry Dental Charlotte NC
Cracked Front Teeth Fixed With Veneers | Gentry Dental Charlotte NC
Beautiful Dental Veneers in Barclay Downs, NC
This lovely young patient came to see us after taking a bad fall and breaking her two front teeth. Needless to say, she was mortified and anxious about how her teeth were going to look! We were able to painlessly create two [Read More]
Dated Veneers Before Image | Charlotte NC Dentist
Porcelain Veneers After Image | Charlotte NC Dentist
Replacement Veneers in Charlotte, NC
Have you thought about replacing old dental work that is discolored or dark around the edges? This gentleman wanted to replace veneers that were many years old. Dr. Gentry worked...[Read More]
Missing Front Tooth Before Image | Charlotte NC Dentist
Dental Implant Before and After | Charlotte NC Dentist
Natural Dental Implant and Crown Placement in Charlotte, NC
This patient came to us to replace a missing front tooth. She was very concerned with how it was going to look and if it would match her other teeth. A dental implant was placed a...[Read More]
Dental Veneers Before Image | Charlotte NC Dentist
Dental Veneers Before & After Image | Charlotte NC Dentist
Custom Dental Veneers in Barclay Downs, NC
A new patient came to us for a consultation for improving his smile. He did not like the spaces between the teeth or how worn down and dark they were. We knew immediately that we could help him and create a smile he would be proud of!After two week...[Read More]
Old Silver Fillings Before Image | Dentist Charlotte NC
CEREC Same-Day Crown | Charlotte NC Dentist
Porcelain Dental Crown Restoration Charlotte, NC
For teeth with old, broken silver fillings and cracks in the enamel, we can restore the tooth with a same-day no-metal crown. Silver fillings break down over the years...[Read More]
Teeth Whitening Before Image | Charlotte NC Dentist
KöR Teeth Whitening Results | Charlotte NC Dentist
KöR Teeth Whitening in Barclay Downs, NC
This patient came in looking to improve and brighten up their smile. Dr. Heather Gentry assessed the patient's oral health and then used KöR Whitening to bleach their teeth and s...[Read More]
Cracks Around Old Silver Filling | Charlotte NC Dentist
Dental Crown After Image | Charlotte NC Dentist
Cracked Tooth and Crown
Patient had what appeared to be a few small cracks around an old silver filling on a back tooth. Often these cracks are much deeper and extend further than they appear to. The tooth was at high risk of breaking, so a [Read More]