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What can new patients at Gentry Dental expect?

Dr. Heather Gentry and her team | Charlotte NC

Welcome to our Charlotte, NC dental practice! You will find that we make the process of your first visit with us as easy as possible.

Scheduling An Appointment

Most of what we need to get you started can be sent electronically to us to save you time at your first appointment and to save the trees! We are paperless and utilize all the latest technology to be as environmentally and health friendly as possible. 

You can select any day and time for your new patient appointment using our online booking system.  If for some reason you don’t see an appointment time that works for you (computers are unfortunately not always entirely ...

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Is Our In-Office Dental Savings Plan Right For You?

Dental Wellness Plan | Dentist Charlotte NC

Would it surprise you to learn that 35-45% of adults in America do not go to the dentist regularly? It sure surprised me and I wondered why that was! Data from studies show that one of the reasons people avoid the dentist is fear or anxiety regarding dental work, but the other major factor was cost. Some estimates say that nearly 70 million Americans have no dental insurance. Many employers are not offering dental coverage or are choosing plans that offer less benefits and have more out-of-pocket costs. 

Alternative Options to Dental Insurance

An alternative, which is growing in popularity is a dental savings or Dental Savings Plan. A membership ...

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What These Dental Terms You Might've Heard Actually Mean

Patient Thinking | Barclay Downs NC Dentist

In order to make the most of your time with your dentist at your next routine checkup, you may need to have a better understanding of common dental terminology. Your dentist in Charlotte NC has compiled a helpful list of terms that we might use and their definitions so you can communicate effectively with your dental team.

Common Dental Terminology

Invisalign: An orthodontic treatment that utilizes clear aligners instead of metal brackets and wires to align teeth.

Composites: Also known as tooth colored fillings, composite resin is the material of choice used for dental fillings. Composite is bonded directly to the tooth and is used to fill the open space left ...

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Food Drive for the Humane Society of Charlotte

Pet Food Drive | Dr. Heather Gentry

Gentry Dental's Holiday Pet Food Drive

We had such a great success with our pet food drive last year that we have decided to do it again this year! The entire team at Gentry Dental are very excited to support the Humane Society of Charlotte by collecting supplies for their Food Bank.

Last year, we collected 32 bags of dry dog and cat food, numerous cans of wet food, leashes, collars, and blankets. All of this goes to help people in the community who cannot afford food or supplies for their pets. It also supports adoptions at the Humane Society of Charlotte, as some of this food is given to people taking ...

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Gentry Dental to offer affordable weekend classes in dental assisting!

Dental Assisting Classes | Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Dental Assistant School is proud to announce that we will be partnering with Gentry Dental to offer affordable weekend classes in dental assisting!
Charlotte Dental Assistant School (CDAS) was founded to provide a gateway to great new careers without the high debt-loads and inconvenient class times that other schools often impose on their students. Using a dentist-designed, hands-on curriculum, CDAS is able to prepare students for the demands of a modern dentist’s office in just twelve weeks of Saturday classes. Additionally, holding class within Dr. Gentry’s office on weekends allows students to learn in the very same environment they’ll be working in while paying a fraction of what ...

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Could Your Sweet Tooth Be Genetic?

Sweet Tooth Blog | Gentry Dental

Do you find it hard to enjoy a meal without having a dessert? When you're hungry for a snack, do you reach for sweets? Could it be said that you have a "sweet tooth"? Did you know that having a preference for sweets may be genetic?

Your Sweet Tooth and Your DNA

What controls our preferences when it comes to food? Why do you like chocolate but your friend does not? Researchers in Copenhagen are finding a link between eating an increased level of sweets and a variation of one hormone. While more studies will need to be conducted, results are indicating that our food preferences, including the desire for sweets, ...

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Are You Looking for a New Dentist in Charlotte? Here's What to Look For!

Dentist in Charlotte NC | Gentry Dental

Finding the right health care providers to work with is a top priority! You want to work with the best doctors who can build a relationship with you, and the same can be said for your dentist. You want a dental provider who is up-to-date on the latest dental technologies, and offers comprehensive care. You also want someone you can trust and build a relationship with. It also doesn't hurt if your dentist is fun and personable! If this sounds like the provider you're looking for, then look no further than your team at Gentry Dental. Here's what you can expect when you choose Dr. Heather Gentry to be your ...

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