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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Crowns and Bridges

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At Gentry Dental we believe that educating our patients is key! We want our patients to be involved with their oral health and comfortable making decisions, which is why we spend the extra time with each patient understanding concerns and answering each question. 

We invite you to contact our office with any questions you may have about your overall oral health, about the services we offer, and of course questions related to insurance and billing. We are here to help and hope that you can use us as a resource!

After years of practicing, Dr. Gentry and her team have encountered several questions that commonly are asked, which we have answered below. Feel free to browse these frequently asked questions to help guide you on your oral health and understand our services. 

We hope that you can find the information you are looking for and look forward to hearing from you. 

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Porcelain Dental Crown | Charlotte, NC Dental Crown

A dental crown is a common restorative dental procedure. It is frequently used to strengthen a tooth that has been damaged or weakened for any number of reasons.

Also referred to as a tooth “cap” because of the way it snugly fits over a prepared tooth, many people get a crown because they have a large filling that has begun to fail. This often occurs in the back molars. When too much of the tooth has been removed because of the large amount of decay and to make room for a filling, when the tooth fractures, a crown is the only way to protect it.

Getting a crown will restore your ability to chew comfortably again because the crown is designed to withstand the force of chewing—even on the powerful back molars.

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At Gentry Dental, we make getting dental crowns in Charlotte, NC easy because we offer CEREC one-day technology. This means your tooth can be prepared, a mold taken, and a crown fabricated all in the same visit. It only takes about 15 minutes for the crown to be made in our milling machine. These high-quality porcelain crowns and strong and durable.

If you need a custom dental crown, contact our Charlotte, NC dental office today!

Dental Crown | Southpark, NC DentistDental crowns are an excellent replacement for a tooth that has been compromised by trauma, decay, or an infection. Crowns are made of high quality porcelain, which is very durable and can potentially last for 10 to 15 years with excellent home care and regular checkups.

They are also designed to provide the function you are used to with your natural tooth. This means that you will be eating, chewing, and smiling with ease with your new tooth. You will also be able to brush and floss your crown as you were used to doing before.

CEREC Technology in Charlotte, NC

Getting a crown used to be quite a process involving at least two long appointments and weeks of waiting for the final restoration to be completed. With innovative CEREC technology, Dr. Gentry is now able to complete the entire crown procedure in only one appointment at our office.

CEREC allows us to design, customize, and mill your crown with high-quality porcelain while you wait. You will enjoy an aesthetically appealing restoration and the same function you had when you leave our office. 

To learn more about dental crowns and how they can benefit you, contact Gentry Dental today!

dental bridge for tooth replacement | charlotte ncTooth loss can cause a number of problems and complicate normal activities like eating and speaking, not to mention the negative impact it can have on your self-esteem. You might find yourself hiding your smile when you laugh or holding back a genuine smile.

While dental implants are typically considered the best long-term solution to missing teeth, they are not a solution for everyone. We may recommend a dental bridge in our Southpark, NC dental office for patients who want a non-surgical alternative to dental implants or who have medical limitations that prevent surgery.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge fills the gap in your smile and keeps teeth from shifting, which preserves your bite. Dental bridges look natural, blend in with your smile, and can give you your confidence back. Dental bridges require two special crowns to hold an artificial tooth in place. They are not removable, so you don't have to worry about taking your bridge out at night or losing it. While dental bridges do require some extra attention to maintain, our team at Gentry Dental has seen the life-changing results that a complete smile can provide.

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Contact our Southpark, NC dental office to learn about all of the options we have to replace missing teeth.

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